23 Jan 2020

Date: 2015-03-20
Words: 768

This is one of those days when I can’t think of anything to write. Perhaps I need to put a topic word on a card and then put all the cards in a box, shuffle them and pull out 2, 3, n, cards move them around and see if it sparks something. I wonder if there is brainstorming software already available. It would be interesting to search for it. Oh well still haven’t really thought of a good topic or for that matter a topic. I seem to be stuck on writing about not having anything to write about.

As a topic, I guess this is about a form of writer’s block so perhaps I should try and write an article about ways of overcoming writer’s block. Hmm just noticed that I want to go back and make corrections. I have to create a habit that when I’m writing/typing a first draft I should just keep going. Of course, it is difficult to keep going because I don’t seem to have anything to say.

And having said that I feel like I should stop. But the point is to keep going. At a meta-level, I seem to think that I’m creating topic cards that can perhaps in the future be moved around. So here’s a thought let’s try and create some topic words or phrases.

Religion, science, procrastination, mindset, weather, global warming, age, being old, being young. point of view, newton’s three laws, fear, courage. Running out of ideas so perhaps a better way is to get a physical dictionary open a random page and chose a word, then open another random page and chose another word, and there you go. Why does it have to be a dictionary, any book, magazine would do. It does seem at first thought that it should be a printed physical object. An on-line dictionary would not work. Of course, an online article would work. One could search a topic in google and then chose two separate results.

It does seem that this type of technique is best done without thinking. If I were to stop and read the article I would probably fall into analysis paralysis. It is better to do this type of thing with your eyes shut. It’s a gamble, but the gamble is in trusting serendipity. It has all the hallmarks of the thrill of placing money on a single outcome. The result, of course, signifying your place in the universe. You are either a winner or a looser.

I wonder if the gambler who keeps winning becomes a confident fellow whereas the gambler who keeps losing becomes a pathetic bag of bones. Hmm, I wonder what the opposite of confidence is. I’m thinking in terms of the idea that hate is not the opposite of love. The opposite of love is indifference. There is nothing worse than the feeling that the person you love has forgotten about you and moved on.

The attraction of hate in the sense of it being the opposite of love is that the hated one can stiff feel important enough in that they are taking up brain space in the one they love. Love and hate are a, connected relationship. Love and indifference is no relationship. And of course when you are in love you really are consumed by the idea that you are in a relationship.

Hmm, seem to have hit another standstill. There are times when I have an idea and can run with it. While there are many times when I feel that my head is empty. There is a physical sense to a good day and a physical sense to a bad or nonthought day. There are days when the brain, the mind is moving forward and then there are days when the mind is not even standing still, it’s as though it’s not even there. Somewhere in this rambling, I’m convinced that there is an idea, a topic that can be developed. But today is one of those non-thinking/non-moving days.

So the goal is to write 750 words. The goal is not to write 750 coherent, charming words. It’s not to write 750 words that even mean something. Interestingly enough in this exercise, I seem to be writing coherent thoughts, there’s just no overarching meaning. No point to be made. I guess the point is to at least train myself to write. Whatever that means. At one level it means that I have an urge to write. So in the future it would behoove me to find out what that urge is all about.

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