24 Jan 2020

Date: 2015-03-29
Words: 762

I’m using NP3 Out of the Box Thinking while doing this. Let’s see what happens. Of course, I should also try the sound entrainment by itself. But let’s start with this. So far I’m just doing the let’s type anything exercise as I have nothing to say. Of course, I do have some things I want to write about. There is my idea of connotation and denotation as a way of seeing the world. Not sure I have any other topics floating around.

I’m about 2 minutes into this experiment and so far feel uncomfortable about it.
Feel like I want to stop writing and just focus on the sound. Will do so now.;

About four hours later, no neuro-programming. Nothing much is coming to mind. I really need a list of topics. Or a box of topics. Hmm, wonder if that could be a product. Let’s start by finding/making a list of topics. Let’s aim for 100. Why a hundred? Just because. Could use index cards and an index card box for a prototype. Cards can be shuffled. Perhaps mimic the whole thing as an app. Or a website.

What kind of topics are there? Life. Death. Procrastination, Health. Sleep. Relationships. Reality. Being A Parent. Being a Child. Success. Behaving Well. Politics. Frustration. Desire.Technology. Jobs. Working. Money. Memory. Mistakes. Words. Goals. One Step At A Time. Incremental Changes. Molding The Future. Allusion.

Perhaps the best way to make the list is to just use a dictionary. Or go to an article site and see what’s popular. Perhaps go to Amazon books and look at them by popularity. Hmm, perhaps this box of topics could be used for a game where a topic is drawn and people have to discuss it for 5 minutes. Include a timer in the box. It could be used for practicing public speaking.

Enough of this I want to write something else but I can ‘t think what. So I will just keep typing because the alternative is to just sit and think. And truthfully I do enough of that, that I don’t need any more practice. In fact, to call it thinking is really being kind. Usually, my mind seems empty. If anything I notice what I’m looking at, or if I close my eyes I’m focused on my breathing. Neither of these seems particularly productive. So lets at least use the 750 words as a way of forcing myself to really output a product of my thinking. Even though it is often just me paying attention to what I’m doing and describing it. Like now. I just went back and corrected some typing errors. It bothers me to see a word underlined in red.

Hmm. In a way, I should try and practice one thing at a time. I should write, finish writing, then go back and correct. Let’s see if I can do that from this point on. Now I’ve run out of something to say. Two typos already. But I’m going to leave them and see if I can just keep going. There’s another typo at the beginning of the last sentence. When I’m just writing/typing if I ignore the typos I can get into a rhythm of doing something. It’s fleeting but it is a form of flow. Of course, it’s physical flow. And I really would like to get into the mental flow space. I can remember that the article I wrote 3 days ago was worked out in my head. But perhaps that is only one way of writing. And to wait around for that makes me passive in the creative process.

What’s interesting about writing 750 words about anything where it is the number of coherent words that is the goal is that it does force me to be involved in the writing process. And of course, there is a feeling of accomplishment when I do it. Perhaps some ways to practice conscious creativity is to look at some physical object and just describe it. Or take a page and while reading it just type it. Can I train myself by typing something I like to utilize that style when I eventually start free writing? All interesting experiments and things that I could do.

I can’t help but notice that I’ve reached 700 plus words. I wonder if the word counter can be turned off. Or is it an advantage to know that you have not yet reached the goal. Perhaps it should have a choice where it would toggle itself off when it reached 750. That way there wouldn’t be the unconscious desire to stop.

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