23 Jan 2020

Date: 2015-03-27
Words: 753

Ok, I’m using the neuro-programmer 3 software. It’s the Brainstorming & Idea Generation 15 min

So what can I write about? I don’t have anything in mind. It’s not like I can just choose a subject and write about it. Or why not try. Let’s try Buying a mattress. How can I write 750 words on buying a mattress? For one thing, I’m not an expert on mattresses or on the buying of them. There are really two subjects here; the mattress itself, and the process of buying a mattress.
So perhaps I should brainstorm the following
10 things to look for in a mattress. How to choose the best mattress for you. The hidden secret about mattresses. Why you don’t know shit about mattresses. Why everything you’ve ever been told about a mattress is wrong.

Buying Process
The best way to buy a mattress. The top 5 points to follow in purchasing a mattress.
The secret the mattress salesman doesn’t want you to know. How to make sure the mattress you purchase is the one you want. How to know when to return a mattress. The 5 top reasons to buy a mattress on-line,

And so on. So now what. What can I write about now? I don’t seem to have any ideas. The interesting thing about the humorous piece I wrote about lack of sleep seemed fully formed in my mind. Once I had the concept I was able to envision the different points in my head. In a sense, I had written it before I sat down to write. Writing refined the concept but it was there already. Writing was the chisel that took away the obscuring stone to expose the underlying statue.

I’m hoping of course that this neuro programming soundtrack will lead to the same state. From the description, it seems to imply that the session can be used while brainstorming. You don’t have to do it and then start brainstorming. But so far I don’t feel anything in terms of creative additions to my normal process of just sitting down and writing whatever’s in my head.

At one level I’m disappointed. This is just the same type of thing I’ve done in the past. The sounds just finished. I removed the earphones. So let’s see if I can start brainstorming now. Again let’s chose a subject. – A Children’s Book.

Nothing comes to mind. I used to tell my kids stories by having them suggest things, words. They might say magic and far away places. I’d have a formula of a little girl who had a mysterious uncle who would come to visit and always brought some mysterious gift. Or sometimes he would just send a gift. And part of the story would be in figuring out the gift.

So it strikes me that I could create a series of books around the mysterious uncle. Each book would have one theme. Now the cruncher is to come up with some decent themes. Do I want things like honesty, believing in yourself, treating others as you would treat yourself, gifts are not the thing it’s the giving that’s important, the best gifts are memories, not things.

Hmm. perhaps something is working. Of course, I could just try making a list of themes as a project in itself.

Oops. I seem to have hit a wall. Hmm, perhaps I should try the subject of a novel, a thriller.
Now, who would the protagonist be? How tall is he? What’s his name? What does he do for a living? How does he spend his days? Is he a he or a she? How old is he? Who are his friends? Where does he live? What city? Where in the city? What time does all this take place in? How does he get involved? What’s the problem? What’s the desired outcome? Does he have a partner? Is he married, single, have a girlfriend, boyfriend? Perhaps he has a pet. What about his pets. Is he wealthy, poor, in-between? Where does his money come from? Is there a particular villain?

Well that’s it I seem to be running out of steam. Interestingly I seem to have created a lot of leads. Each question can be answered in detail. In fact, the point would be to give in to giving the detail. It might be difficult when the answer is just no. Or not. Perhaps there are reasons and justifications behind the no. That’s the point when writing, you should just write.

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