24 Jan 2020

Date: 2015-03-31
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Right then. Again no real topic in mind. Let’s try and force a topic. The Current Technological Revolution. It is apparent that something is going on. That the accelerating changes in the application of technology to the market place and to the workplace are having a profound effect on society.

It’s not that jobs are vanishing and not being replaced it’s that we cannot train and retrain our population fast enough. Not only can we not create new craftsmen fast enough but we don’t even know what kind of craftsmen to create. If it took 12 years to get to be a high school graduate do we still have the luxury of all that time now. And what about retraining? If an undergraduate degree took four years do we still have that luxury. Or perhaps we should change our expectations of school. Currently we seem preoccupied with school providing external skills. We have the STEM curricula. The 21st century’s answer to being trained for the industrial floor and project management. Perhaps we need to address the internal needs of our population. Perhaps we need to train our children to study themselves internally and to become proficient in the mindfulness of who they are.

It’s not that people are not trained to work, or that they don’t want to work, rather it’s the problem that they know what they don’t want to do. Too many people are lost. They hide behind temporary jobs or no jobs. They hide behind passion projects that provide no money and begin a downward slide into financial helplessness. It is financial helplessness that is at the root of the problem. Do we need to ask why people have to make a living wage?

Why do we assume that people must work for a living? What if we provided a living wage to everybody. The same way we provide roads, water delivery, and so on. We need to get away from the idea that money is the weapon of choice. And he who has the most money becomes the most powerful. The accumulation of money can be admired, rewarded with respect, honored, but it must be broken off from power.

Of course, this is getting very close to the idea of God being the only true power and man is a player in the Garden of the universe. Money has become part of social evolution. Certainly, nature as we know it is the realm of the survival of the fittest. But that does not mean that we can apply that insight into society. We assume that society is the survival of the wealthiest. Why? As the culture has become fond of saying, “Correlation does not imply causation”.

We might pride ourselves on being civilized but we have not escaped the bounds of our nature. If we are truly civilized we would not make social survival dependent on an individual’s effort. We must remember work does not make us free. We have made great strides in automating all kinds of work, perhaps it is time to leave work behind. Work can be done by machines, it does not have to be done by people.

Perhaps the hardest thing we have to learn as a species is that we are now powerful enough that we can leave people alone. As a species, we are obligated to provide “a living wage” to everyone. What they decide to do with it is up to them.

Manipulation is at the heart of everything we do, from marketing to crafting. At its most primitive level, we use destruction for manipulation. At a higher level, we move to consumption. But there is no need to stop there. We can rise above consumption and manipulate through altruism. If every member of society is guaranteed freedom from want, freedom from hunger, good health who know what we could accomplish.

It’s not a given that people should work for a living. We often hear that if we just give people money to live they will become lazy and take advantage. But why do we think that? Why do we think that if someone cannot accumulate money they are lazy? What does that even mean? Lazy becomes both a moral and social judgment.

If we look at children we see that they are extremely not-lazy. They play outside, refusing to come home when called. Or they are occupied within their own world, perhaps reading long past their mandated bedtime. So when did they magically grow up to be lazy?

What on earth are we talking about. It certainly seems that we are just justifying the accumulation of money. Hey if it’s money you want, go after it. But let’s give everyone a basic livable income.

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