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Hi! I’m Lawrence,

If you’re looking at the Pareto Principle you are looking to live a more fulfilled and focused life. Many people these days refer to this as the practice of mindfullness or being in the moment. I wrote the Pareto Principle to add a quick framework to the words of present based personal and professional growth.

This book was written as a fast consumption summary so you could take the best parts quickly and start applying what you learn immediately.

If you aren’t fully satisfied I will provide a 15 day money back guarantee. I know the value applying the 80/20 rule has had in my life and I hope that you can gain a stronger understanding of what is important to you.

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Here's How the Pareto Principle can save you time, energy, and even make you money.

Have you noticed how some people go from job to job, field to field, and make a success of it. Wouldn’t you like to know the secret of the top consultants, who are able to travel from business to business and get paid for their advice?

It’s all in your mindset.

Have you noticed that most people complain about their jobs? Their manager is an idiot. The company doesn’t know what it’s doing. So and so is just lazy. No one listens.

The truth is there is nothing productive about complaining. In fact it’s easy to complain. It’s coming up with a solution to the problem that’s difficult.

Learn To Prioritize
How the 80/20 rules helps you prioritize your actions in order to be effective
Work Smarter Not Harder
Learn what it actually means to work smarter not harder
Achieve Your Goals Faster
Get to where you need to be quickly, easily and on time
Find Your Focus
Use the 80/20 rule to fine tune your focus